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Powertech says pandemic won't slow down revenue as demands still high: PTI officials

Powertech Technology Inc (力成科技) yesterday said the COVID-19 pandemic would not hinder the revenue of the company as customer demands are still high going to the 2nd half of the year.

The Hsinchu-based company posted its strongest first-quarter net profits in about nine years amid robust solid-state-disk (SSD) demand.

"We still hold an optimistic and positive view about the second quarter. Local governments have reined in the spread of the pandemic, allowing Powertech’s fabs to operate smoothly,” chairman D.K. told investors.

“Some might be worried about the impact of [high] inventory [amid concern over supply disruptions last quarter], but we are seeing strong customer demand for the third and fourth quarters,” Tsai said. “We believe Powertech’s [revenue] will climb to a historical high this year, unfazed by COVID-19.”

The memorychip packager and tester said that most of its factories in Taiwan, China and Japan have been operating normally, unaffected by the outbreak.

Powertech expects “a positive growth in revenue for the second quarter,” according to PTI president Hung Chia-yu.


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