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Remembering ancestors in Taiwan during the traditional Tomb Sweeping Festival

The Tomb Sweeping Festival is a time of year when it’s traditional to visit ancestors’ tombs, leave offerings, and tidy up their gravesites. It is a festival widely celebrated worldwide.

The tradition is also called Qingming or Ching Ming festival. The custom of ancestor worship originated in China during the Tang Dynasty and the ancient tradition eventually made its way to Taiwan. 

The holiday is observed a statutory public holiday in Taiwan, and most businesses and schools are closed for the day.

Most graveyards in Taiwan or located on the outskirts of town or on hillsides. This ancient tradition is not only an important time for families to enjoy together, but it also teaches younger generations about the importance of honoring their elders.

Meanwhile, the interior ministry is calling on people in Taiwan to forgo the usual ceremonies during this year’s Tomb Sweeping Festival and pay their respects to their ancestors at home instead.


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