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Taiwan adds 3 news cases again for two straight days, total cases now at 379

The Central Epidemic Command Center announced today (April 8 ) that there were 3 new confirmed cases of coronavirus in Taiwan, including 2 cases of overseas and 1 case of local transmission.  

The local case is a woman in her 30s (case 379). She has no recent history of going abroad. She usually lives in her home and surrounding areas.  

The case presented with fever and runny nose symptoms on April 4 and was consulted by the hospital. It was notified by the hospital and confirmed today.  

The health unit has initially grasped a total of 21 contacts, including the case with family members and medical contacts, and will continue to investigate whether the case has other high-risk exposure history to clarify the source of infection.

The command center said that two new cases from overseas were women in their 20s (case 377) and women in their 60s (case 378).  Among them, case 377 was studied in Spain. After entering the country on March 22 for home quarantine, the symptoms of dry sore throat and diarrhea appeared on March 23, and the medication was taken by himself. 

When the local government tracked the health status of the case on April 4, the case indicated that there was continued nasal congestion, with mild diarrhea, chest and back pain and other symptoms, the health unit arranged medical examination and confirmed today.

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