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Taiwan CECC reports 'ZERO' new cases of COVID-19 for 6 consecutive days

Taiwan's Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) on Friday (May 1) announced no new confirmed COVID-19 cases for the sixth time.

The total number of coronavirus patients for the country remained at 429, including six earlier deaths and 324 patients who had been released from isolation after treatment at hospitals, thus leaving only 99 patients still being treated.

The total number of virus cases included 374 imported and 55 local transmissions. The imported cases also included 31 crew members of the Navy’s Pan Shi during a mission with a stop in the Pacific ally of Palau. Friday’s results meant that no domestic transmission had occurred for 19 days.

The command center announced the new life epidemic prevention guidelines, which reminded the public not to touch their eyes, nose and mouth when going out. Meters, it is best to maintain an appropriate social distance of more than 1 meter outdoors. Wear a mask throughout the journey of public transportation.

In addition, "Daytime is better when going out", and it is the first place that is open and not crowded. If you choose to go to tourist attractions, national parks, recreation areas, and markets, commercial districts, temples, etc., the site has been If there is a crowd, it is recommended to go to another location or patiently cooperate with the flow control measures.

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