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Taiwan plans to build submarine cable going to the Philippines for earthquake prevention

Taiwan's Central Weather Bureau (CWB) said Taiwan is hoping to work with the Philippines as it plans to install an 800-kilometer submarine cable between the two countries to better detect seismic movement near the Manila Trench, reported by CNA.

CWB Director-General Yeh Tien-chiang said the underwater cable will extend from Fangshan Township in Pingtung County in southern Taiwan to Central Luzon and would be the first earthquake and tsunami observation system shared by Taiwan and a foreign country.

If the project will pursue, between 2021 and 2024, the cable and six underwater observation stations would be installed amounting NT$2.6 billion (US$86.2 million).

Yeh added the system will improve the CWB's disaster mitigation capabilities by helping the bureau detect and warn earthquakes earlier than usual and locate its position.

The Philippines showed support in the project in earlier discussions at a technical level according to CWB. The project now is currently being reviewed by the National Development Council but the two sides have not finalized yet how the budget would be divided.

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