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Taiwan to temporarily close businesses who do not follow social distancing guidelines

Taiwan's Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC), on Wednesday, in avoidance of the spread of COVID-19 advised business places to temporarily close if effective social distancing cannot be maintained within their premises.

"At businesses where the recommended indoor space of 1.5 meters cannot be maintained, the premises should be closed", the CECC said.

The CECC emanated the advise right after Taiwan introduced its first round of social distancing guidelines saying that people must keep a distance of at least one meter outdoors while a minimum of 1.5 meter must seperate them indoors.

Chen Shih-Chung, CECC head and Health Minister, said that if these are unable to do so people must wear mask especially in crowded and enclosed places such as on the mass rapid transit (MRT) trains, particularly during rush hour.

CECC also mentioned avoidance of attending events such as exhibitions sports meets and concerts, where it is difficult to avoid close contact.

The first phase of CECC'S  guidelines give no penalty at the momeny and are not enforceable. Penalties will be introduced in the second phase but no details have been provided yet.

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