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Taiwan's proposed 'Bubble Tea Passport' earns approval from netizens

As a response to a public call  for an improved appearance of Taiwan's passports, a Taiwanese designer came up with a new design based  on the country's famous milk tea.

On April 20, three new designs were proposed by Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Legislator Chung Chia-pin, one of which includes a cup of bubble tea. Hualien-based designer, Yu Yen-chih crafted the design by making the background color of the passport remarkably resemble that of milk tea. 

The first version writes "Taiwan Passport" at the top of the book with a black tapioca pearl filling the letter "o." Below are a sea of more black tapioca pearls just like the well-known Taiwan drink.

Meanwhile, the second version only shows "Passport" at the top with a tapioca pearl inside the letter "o," appearing like a bullseye. An image of  a cup of bubble tea with a thick straw is placed on the middle of the book with "Taiwan" written at the bottom.

The design entitled as "Bubble Tea Passport" is now tickling a lot of Taiwanese netizens with its cute and "fashionable" look.   Many were also excited with the release of the new passport cover.

Cementcraft illustration photo


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