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University in Taiwan creates first full-size deployable COVID-19 hospital called "Qure"

National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) based in Tainan has developed the island's first deployable quarantine hospital to prepare for the potential coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, which has killed millions of people around the world.

“We are very proud to declare that we are the first in the world to have presented a readily deployable temporary quarantine hospital with innovation and human needs incorporated into the design,” said NCKU President Jenny Su at a press conference on Tuesday morning (April 28).

Su added that the design of the quarantine hospital mirrors Taiwan's proactive, and technology-based disease prevention efforts which have been praised by foreign countries. The project may not be perfect but it is ready to be used anywhere around the world, she said.

According to the university, the project will be made available to the world as an open-source design, with all related documents and graphics downloadable in both Chinese and English on the NCKU website. The hospital can be continuously improved upon by other parties according to their needs.

The project, titled the Quarantine Unit for Recovery, Emergency, and Ecology, or simply QurE, is part of the university's effort to help in times of emergency. It was also built with an aim to provide a deployable quarantine hospital that meets the standards of the authorities’ coronavirus response while also reaching its goal of sustainable development.

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