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4 undocumented Filipino workers captured in a shrimp fishing farm in Taoyuan

Four Filipino undocumented migrant workers captured by the Daxi police authorities in Taoyuan. They were captured on the evening of July 27th as they ran 200 meters before they were captured by the authorities.

The 4 Filipinos aged 38-48 years old ran fast when seeing the policemen marking making the authorities to capture them. Investigation shows that one of them escaped for 6 years and all 4 confessed to be undocumented migrant workers.

They originally came to Taiwan as fishermen or crew boat members. Later, they fled their employers and worked everywhere to make money. The police sent the four people to a task force team in Taoyuan for processing and awaiting repatriation.

One of them is a 45-year-old man came to Taiwan for a short-term stay at the beginning of this year with a tourist passport, but did not leave the country according to the stipulated time.

Daxi police urged that hiring foreign migrant workers should comply with the regulations to avoid being punished. Employers who hire illegal migrant workers will impose a fine of NT$150,000 up to NT$750,000.

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