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80,000 migrant workers applied for new jobs or rehired in Taiwan due to pandemic

Over 80,000 migrant workers in Taiwan applied for new jobs or to be re-hired by their employers, from mid-march to the end of June, reducing unnecessary travel amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the country's labor ministry said Monday.

Taiwan has banned entry to most foreign nationals since March 19 to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, with the exception of those who hold an Alien Resident Certificate (ARC) or documents proving they are in Taiwan for diplomatic and other official purposes, or to fulfill business contracts.

As a result, from March 19 through to the end of June, a total of 82,324 migrant workers applied to extend their contract with their existing employer or found potential new employers instead of leaving the country, the Ministry of Labor (MOL) said in a statement.

Another 1,685 migrant workers applied for a program that allows three-month extensions of their work contracts if they reached the legal limit for employment in Taiwan, the MOL said.

Currently, the legal limit is 14 years for domestic helpers and 12 years for all other categories of migrant workers.

In addition, another 726 workers applied to extend their stay for another three to six months because of the lack of flights back to their countries of origin due to the pandemic, the ministry said.

In order to decrease cross-border travel and slow down the spread of the coronavirus, the MOL has encouraged employers to hire migrant workers within Taiwan or re-hire their original workers instead of hiring from overseas. (By CNA)


  1. How to apply for factory worker I'm interested and I'm ex-taiwan 5 years pls


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