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Filipino migrants in Taiwan report brokers for unreasonable salary deduction

Six Filipino migrants in Taiwan on Saturday (July 11), reported Filipino and Taiwanese labor brokers for deducting too much from their salary, adding that they feel "deceived and mistreated."

The Filipino migrants are fishermen based in Shen'ao Fishing Port in New Taipei. According to them, the amount of money deducted from their salary have reached NT$8,000 (US$271) for up to 14
 months already without even receiving a salary slip 
detailing the deduction.

"In Taiwan, we feel we have been deceived, overcharged and do not have a broker who we can readily consult, trust to translate on our behalf, take care of our concerns, protect our interests and 
represent our welfare," the fishermen said in a joint letter of complaint filed in New Taipei Labor Affairs Department last June.

The fishermen named their brokers as Hoya Human Resources Co., Ltd in Taiwan, and Diamond-H Marine Services & Shipping Agency Inc in the Philippines.

Last July 2, the New Taipei's Labor Affairs Department has closed the case because it was uncertain who was making the deductions, according to Chris Wu, a city labor official. However, he said that the deductions were made outside the country.

"The Taiwanese broker said the deductions were made by overseas manpower agencies, hence the Philippine representative office has been asked to investigate the matter," Wu said.

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