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Hacker group 'Anonymous' urge the public to delete TikTok

Hacktivist group "Anonymous" posted that it urge the public to stop using the application and delete TikTok immediately. According to the group, the app is created as spyware by the Chinese government.

"TikTok is harvesting data on children/teens to monitor their market reach and political development, to find the best methodologies to coerce them within the next five to ten years. This gives China an upper hand on manipulating large swaths of society across several countries," Anonymous wrote.

The group claims that it detect:

•Phone hardware (including CPU Type, number of course, hardware IDs, screen dimensions, DPI, memory usage, disk space, etc.)

•Other apps installed on the device (including deleted apps)

•Network-related information (such as IP, local IP, router MAC, your MAC, WiFi access point name)

•Whether the device is rooted/jailbroken

•GPS pinging every 30 seconds

• Local proxy server on your device for transcoding media

TikTok has not yet commented on the hacktivist group’s allegations, and there are no confirmations yet regarding the Reddit post’s authenticity.

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