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Health experts in Taiwan urge for COVID-19 test for all inbound travellers

File photo for illustrative purposes only / photo courtesy of Landseed International Hospital

Public health experts called for Taiwan to allow all incoming passengers to be given the option of testing for COVID-19, Chan Chang-chuan dean of National Taiwan University's College of Public Health (NTUCPH) suggested.

Health experts called for COVID-19 test instead of just following the current 14-day mandatory quarantine.

"When a traveler comes to Taiwan, he or she will usually have a plan, and we want to know that plan. We want to know what time they go out, where they go, and who they meet," Chan said.

A first test could be taken when passengers arrive at an airport or seaport and then be repeated on the fifth day, with quarantine lifted if both tests are negative.

Passengers who decline to take a test will be quarantined for 14 days at home, Chan said. Currently, Taiwan requires all people arriving from overseas whether Taiwanese citizens or foreign nationals -- to be quarantined for 14 days.


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