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Must try: Satisfy your cravings with Taiwan's full sized cake vending machine

If you are in Taiwan, you do not have to go to far bakeshops just to satisfy your craving for a mouth watering cake, because the country has prepared for you its cake vending machine with a variety of flavors.

This type of vending machine can be found on most MRT stations and some shops around the country. For just a couple of seconds, you will have your  full sized cake which is more than enough for just one person.

Every month, cake vending machines, just like the Yannick which is located in Taipei, change their three sets of exciting flavors. Cakes in here are also freshly delivered, cleaned and maintaned daily.

In Kaoshiung, there is also one cake vending machine that people line up for about three hours. However, this machine only offer a jarred version of delicious matcha red bean, milk taro mousse, and berry chocolate cakes.

Aside from these sweets, you can also grab a fresh coconut and orange juice, champagne, real flowers, and one whole meal on the vending machines spread in Taiwan.

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