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New adventure in Yehliu’s Camel’s Peak, less popular but with great scenery

The window scenery looks like a natural picture frame of nature and the strange rocks and sea views on the north coast are breathtaking. The place resembles the nearby Yehliu Geopark will less popularity.

The sandstone landforms formed by natural sea erosion and weathered landscapes depict traces of tens of thousands of years. The beauty of the place can be easily appreciated, it is like the formation of Morocco.

The hill head was named "Camel Peak" for its special appearance with a shape like a camel.

The sandstone landform of Camel Peak belongs to Yeliu sea area and the strange rock of Yeliu cape, which is a wonder of the world. It has natural sea erosion and weathering and other geographical landscapes. The spectacular scenery on Camel Peak is definitely worth seeing.

Camel Peak's ridge trail is close to the mountain and the sea, and along the way, Yeliu Fishing Port, Yehliu Geopark, Yehliu Ocean World, Keelung Island, Binhai Highway, Dongao Fishing Port and Camel Peak can all be seen.

Camel’s peak is located in Wanli District, New Taipei City, it is located in the headland on the east side of Dongao Fishing Port.


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