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New fairy tale park called “Green Villa” opens in Miaoli, admission is free!

Hidden in Miaoli, there is a newly opened free-ticket leisure park, which combines multiple attractions such as cabins, camping areas, landscaped restaurants, hobbit houses and painted walls. The environment is full of colorful colors. A pink windmill stands on the hill, just like being in the Netherlands.

Located in Yuanli Township, Miaoli, the "Green Villa" is very close to Feiniu Ranch and Sanyi attractions. Highlights of the card, such as the country-style fairy tale cottage landscape, American cowboy-style cabin, and super vivid three-dimensional painted walls.

The park has a pink windmill stands on the hill and has many photo-style houses, such as the Hobby House and the rustic cottage. The 3D three-dimensional painted wall is super suitable for punching in and taking pictures, attracting many tourists to take pictures.

Address: No. 96-5, 9 Lin, Yuanli Town, Miaoli County (苗栗縣苑裡鎮996-5)
Restaurant business hours: 10:0014:00, 17:0021:00
Green Garden Villa Reservation Tel: 037-747711
Restaurant Reservation: 0975023111

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