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Shen'ao Railway Bicycle Starlight Night Ride will romanticizes your seaside landscapes

Taiwan domestic tourism has become the most popular in the country, whether it is going up the mountain, going to the sea or shopping, it is to solve the depression caused by the epidemic.

The "Shen-Ao Railway Bicycle" is one of the most beautiful bicycle railway in Taiwan, it has a beautiful view of the blue sea and the green mountains. The "Starlight Night Ride Railway Tour" that is open every summer is accompanied by a light show. It makes people want to rush to this time to take beautiful photos.

The 1.3km-long railway is set on the theme of mountain and sea scenery and sustainable environmental protection. The installation of fireworks, ocean wave lights, colorful bubbles and floating fluorescent jellyfish lanterns are on the side to let people be like under the stars.

The railway is abandoned train track along Taiwan’s north coast has been turned into a rail-bike route for riders to enjoy at their leisure, slow pedaling along the old track and taking in the magnificent scenery along the coast.

Shen'ao Railway Bicycle
Address: No. 121, Section 2, Jianji Road, Ruifang District, New Taipei City
Event Time: 2020/7/1~2020/9/30, 18:30-20:30

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