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Taiwan extends visa-free entry for Filipinos until July 31, 2021 - TECO

Taiwan extends visa-free entry privilege for Filipinos by a year- or until July 31, 2021 - announced by Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Manila.

This is now the fourth time that the visa free entry for Filipinos will have an extension. The same previledge extension is also given to nationals from Thailand, Brunei, and Russia.

The visa free entry is under the Southbound policy which focused more on the relationship of Taiwan to other countries specially from Southeast Asia

Visitors are allowed with a 14 day stay in Taiwan. The free entry to Taiwan have boosted the tourism significantly with Filipinos increased before COVID-19 pandemic strikes.

Meanwhile, Taiwan's entry regulations for foreign nationals will remain in force amid pandemic. Visa-free grant does "not take precedence" over COVID-19 measures, says TECO.

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