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Taiwan recorded 54,346 divorces in a year, one-third splits on first five years of marriage

Taiwan recorded a total of 54,346 divorces out of the total 134,524 marriages in 2019, data showed by the country's Ministry of Interior (MOI).

More than a third of the 54,346 divorces came in the first five years of marriage, highest in the last 10 years according to the released statistics.

34.6 percent of divorces in 2019 were in marriages of less than 5 years -- up sharply from 27.7 percent in 2010 -- compared to 22 percent involving marriages of 5-10 years and 43.4 percent in marriages of over 10 years, according to the ministry, CNA reported.

Additionally, 110 same-sex couples divorced in 2019.

The high for divorces in the past decade was 58,037 in 2010 and the low was 53,144 in 2014. Taiwan recorded a 10-year low of 134,524 marriages in year 2019.

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