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Taiwan recorded first domestic case of dengue this year in Toayuan

A Taoyuan City man has been confirmed as Taiwan's first locally acquired case of dengue fever this year, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said Tuesday.

The patient, who is in his 30s, sought treatment four times from July 15-19 after developing symptoms of the mosquito-borne disease, including a fever and skin rash, the CDC said in a press release.

After the man tested positive for the virus on Monday, his results were reported to the CDC, which confirmed on Tuesday that he had been infected with dengue virus type 1, the statement said.

He is currently being treated in a hospital, the health agency said, adding that none of the people he lives with have shown symptoms of the disease.

Because the man had no recent history of international travel, his infection indicates the possible presence of asymptomatic carriers in the community, the CDC said, referring to people who infect mosquitoes with the virus, allowing it to spread.

As a precaution, health authorities disinfected the man's neighborhood in the city's Taoyuan District to prevent mosquitoes from proliferating, the CDC said.

Aside from Tuesday's case, Taiwan has reported 56 imported cases of dengue fever this year, the majority of which came from Southeast Asia and occurred in January-March, before the government's imposition of COVID-19-related travel restrictions, the CDC said.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), dengue fever is spread by mosquitoes that have bitten a person infected with the virus, rather than directly from person to person. (By CNA)

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