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Taiwan set to recruit up to 300 foreign English tutors every year

As part of its effort to become a bilingual country by the year 2030, Taiwan is set to raise its number of foreign English tutors by recruiting from 80 to 300 teachers every year.

According to the Ministry of Education (MOE), as classes under the bilingual program grow, many schools have been applying for  subsidies for the employment of foreign English teachers.

Lan-Yang Girls' Senior High School and Pingtung Senior High School, are one of the educational institutions cited by the MOE, that has an increased interest in English acquisition.

With this, education authorities are now starting to seek for a NT$2 billion (US$68 million) budget next year, up from the current NT$200 million, for bilingual education in the country, reported by CNA.

The blueprint of “2030 Bilingual Country," proposed by Executive Yuan in the late 2018, is set to develop Taiwan's national competitiveness and improve its citizens’ English proficiency through educational reform, establishing English channels, increasing English programs, creating an English friendly environment for tourists, and other approaches.

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