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Taiwanese' relax attitude can result to 'coronavirus tsunami,' says health expert

Although Taiwan is continues in recording streak of no local infections, a doctor from Chung Shan Medical University Hospital Pediatric Emergency Department still warned on Tuesday (July 28), that the Taiwanese citizens' relaxed attitude towards the worsening pandemic can lead to a "coronavirus tsunami" in the country.

After the news broke about the Thai worker who tested positive after leaving Taiwan, Doctor Hsieh Tsung-hsueh expressed his concerns in facebook saying that a surge in the number of COVID-19 cases can happen in the country.

Hsieh explained that there is a possibility that the Thai patient was already infected while in Taiwan, drawing a high probability of spreading the virus.

What even bothers him is the fact that majority of the Taiwanese no longer pay attention to strict COVID-19 protocols such as wearing mask and social distancing. He stressed that if this kind of attitude will continue, a potential "coronavirus tsunami" could occur in the country once it has identify a local transmission cluster.

With this, the health expert urged the public to bring back the level of alertness they have portrayed at the start of the pandemic. He emphasized the importance of being vigilant especially today when no one can guarantee if the safety in Taiwan will last long.

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