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Taiwan's Power Lottery approached a record high winning amount of NT$3.1 billion

Taiwan's new Power Lottery jackpot is expected to hit a all-time record high NT$3.1 billion or around US$105 million.

The highest single prize in the history of the Power Lottery was NT$3.004 billion, which was awarded on April 23, 2015, after 29 draws without a winner according to Taiwan Lottery statistics.

The next draw will take place on Monday evening (July 27), Power Lottery also known as Super Lotto has gone 47 draws without anyone winning the prize.

The Power Lottery game is played by picking six numbers between 1 and 38 and an add-on number from 1 to 8. To win the jackpot, the ticket must match all seven numbers drawn.

Taiwan Lottery Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of CTBC Financial Holding Co., Ltd. , the delegated organization to operate public welfare lottery by CTBC Bank.

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