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Weather Bureau predicts Taiwan will likely be hit by three to five typhoons this year

Taiwan will likely be hit by three to five typhoons during this year's typhoon season, and they will form closer to Taiwan and arrive with less warning, the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) predicted Tuesday.

Speaking at a press conference held as Taiwan enters its annual July-September typhoon season, Lu Kuo-chen (呂國臣), the director of the CWB's forecasting center, said typically 21 to 25 typhoons form in the northwestern Pacific from June to December and three to five make landfall in Taiwan.

This year, only two typhoons have formed in the northwestern Pacific, which is 4.3 fewer than the average by this point in time, Lu said.

Based on the slow start, Lu expected the number of typhoons in the region this year to fall in the average to below average range, but he projected the number of storms to hit Taiwan would remain in the normal three-to-five range.

The typhoons will form closer to Taiwan than normal due to the La Niña event, a phenomenon that lowers sea surface temperatures in the Eastern Pacific while temperatures of waters near Taiwan will be relatively high, according to Lu.

That will give Taiwan less time to prepare for an approaching storm, he said. (By CNA).

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