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Savour a good afternoon snack like Fried Scallion Cake in Taiwan

Scallion cakes (Green Onion Cakes) are one of the famous street food in Taiwan, more popularly in night markets. This featured shop sells lbiscuits-like fried scallion cake. This food stall is a go to for those who want to have a afternoon snack.

The name of the store is Crispy Scallion Cake (北平李老爹脆皮蔥油餅), it is located in Wuying Road, Fengshan District, Kaohsiung City that has been in business for many years and is branches scattered around Taiwan.

Just look for its signboard, though this store in Kaohsiung is the founding store (their flagship store). Its crust is a crispy skin taste, a bit similar to a deep fried egg, the cake skin is fermented in advance and then topped with white sesame seeds.

It is fried in two different pots, first set the shape with a lower temperature and finally with high temperature to make it crispy. The white sesame seeds brings a good aroma to the fried cake. Best to have oyster sauce mixed in it.

The cook cuts on the crust and the crisp sound was so sweet.  Half size costs NT$35 yuan and one whole costs NT$65 yuan, it is a bang for the buck food. The scallion cake has a good peppery taste that makes it delicious.

The store is open from 14:00 until 19:00 which good for a afternoon snack. Just find the store sign 北平李老爹脆皮蔥油餅 at No. 301, Wuying Road, Fengshan District, Kaohsiung City (Chinese address: 高雄市鳳山區武營路301號) (Photos from Kaohsiung Food Association)

Research: Left-handed Men Are Likely To Be Gay

Having at least one older brother increase the likelihood of not being straight and left-handed men siblings are likely to be gay according to the study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

The study is introduced by four researchers from the University of Toronto and one researcher from Memorial University of Newfoundland.

The research came from 800 adult gay which they study their gender orientation, gender expression and three biomarkers namely handedness, fraternal birth order and existence of non-straight relatives.

Having at least one older brother has the percentage 14.8% tends to be being gay while a high 34% who are left handed are more likely to be gay.

It is estimated that 1 out of 7 homosexual males is due to their fraternal birth order effect. The researchers also found out that gay men are likely to be gender-conforming or they hide it.

“While the majority of both heterosexual and non-heterosexual men were grouped in the profile that did not have any biomarker, the three profiles associated with a biomarker were composed primarily of non-heterosexual men,” according to the researchers.

“Together, these findings suggest there are multiple distinct bio-developmental pathways influencing same-sex sexual orientation in men.” the researchers added.

Leofoo Water Park Offers NT$199 To Those Who Are Sexy And Macho

Leofoo Water Park has rolled out its  promotion offering anyone with thin or slim waists, tickets will be priced NT$199, regular price is NT$599 per adult, must be 12 years old and above. 

The "Water Snake Day" campaign was launched at Leofoo Water Park with men nd women with thin waist can save on ticket sales. The offer already started and will run until September 15, 2019

Recently Leofoo Water Park released the 'Buddha belly’ discounts for anyone having big waistlines. Its the slim waistline turn now to have discounts. Check below pic for sample of thin or slim waists (Photos from UDN):

Though in their announcement made through a facebook post, for anyone getting the offer must meet two conditions:

(1) Waist must be thin or slim and no stomach in
(2) The zodiac must be snake, with year: 1905, 1917, 1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001

Tickets can be bought on site and the offer is applicable daily and also on holidays. For more info visit Leofoo website.


Undocumented OFW In Taiwan Found Dead Due To Accident; Relatives Seeks Help

In a facebook post that seeks help that is shared around Filipino groups in Taiwan, a OFW named Jonald Beltran Felix who encountered a motorcycle accident that cause its death.

Apparently, the body cannot just sent home Back to the Philippines because of being undocumented as they need a huge amount. He is illegaly working in Taiwan with no proper permits and documentations.

The family and relatives of the victim seeks help so that the remain will be sent back to Philippines.

On facebook post:


Six Cities And Counties In Taiwan Announced Suspension Of Work, Offices And Classes

Six counties now already announced suspension of offices and classes in Tainan, Kaohsiung, Pingtung and Taitung, later Hualien and Wuhu also now listed.

Typhoon Bailu is accelerating at a speed of 29 kilometers per hour, moving northwest toward the southeast of Taiwan.

The southern region, Nantou, Hualien, Taitung, Hengchun Peninsula and Wuhu are expected to feel the wrath of the typhoon and the intensity will increase as the storm radius will expand.

Typhoon Bailu was packing maximum sustained winds of 100.8 kph, with gusts of up to 126 kph shows the data from Taiwanvs Weather Central Bureau and will expect a landfall un the southern most part of Taiwan.


Hiring Filipino Dairy Farm Workers For Canada (At least High School Graduate)

Dairy farming is one of the largest agricultural sectors in Canada. Dairy has a significant presence in all of the provinces and is one of the top two agricultural commodities in seven out of ten provinces. Canadian dairy farmers follow regulations to ensure biosecurity standards are maintained in the sectors of environmental protection, human health, animal health, and animal welfare.

1. Male applicants only

2. Must be 25 - 45 years of age

3. At least High School Graduate with diploma 

4. At least 5 years minimum experience in Dairy Milk Farming

5. with good communication skills in English

Recruitment Agency:
Visit and apply personally at 1st Dynamic Personnel Resources Incorpotred located at 3F, JLC Bldg, No. 8 N. Ramirez Street, Don Manuel, Quezon City, Manila

Qualified applicants may also send resume thru, you may contact the agency at 0955-402-4327.


Bus Conductor Climbs Over Passengers Ala Spider-Man To Collect Fares

Bus fares are commonly collected by bus conductors in the Philippines, looks like an easy job right? Though buses tends to be overcrowded specially during rush hour and even the aisle are occupied by standing passengers.

A photo uploaded by Rene Rivera circulating in social media showing bus conductor climbing the bus’ overhead railing, can we say the spiderman bus conductor.

The post has been shared all over social media a thousand times and counting. With most of netizens have given the conductor the monicker ‘Spider-Man’ because of how he’s able to move above the passengers and in the railings just to collect the fares. 

That is how dedicated the bus conductor to its job. The viral post of also opened a topic showing the lackluster transportation system in the Philippines. 

Even the reactions may be laugh or be amazed, there still a question of 'When we will have that good and efficient transportation system in the Philippines?'

Typhoon Bailu Slightly Shifted To Southern Taiwan

The storm radius has been expanded from 100 km to 120 km and the its path slightly shifted southwards and is constantky adjusting according to the data of Central Weather Bureau of Taiwan.

Taiwan will release an early sea and land warning to have everyone on a safety note. The data shows that Bailu will make a landfall by Saturday morning at the southeastern part of Taiwan.

The maximum wind speed near the center is 22 meters per second and is moving at a speed of 22km per hour. Rains and winds of Bailu can be feel by afternoon of friday (Aug 23).

Because the typhoon intensity is weak and the cloud system is still being integrated, the path has a shift to the south. There will be heavy rains on the 24th and scattered showers or thunderstorms in other areas.


Youth Activists Threw And Splashed Red Paint At CKS Memorial Hall

Two members of youth activists from the group From Ethnos to Nation (FETN) smeared with red paint on the bronze statue of Chiang Kai-shek in the Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, reported by Liberty Times.

Police arrested the two and immediately close the memorial hall for maintainance and clean up.

They held red-painted pigmented eggs and poured paint on the bronze statue of Chiang Kai-shek, causing many floors of the lobby floor, reliefs and bronze statues to be dyed red. 

The stationed police found that they were prevented from coming forward and personnel in the hall immediately closed the door. The two were found guilty of violating the social order maintenance law and made them pay the penalty. 

After interogation and investigation by the Taipei District Inspection Office, the two were given a non-prosecution action and set free since there is no huge 'damage' done in a historic monument and said that they did not know that CKS Memorial hall is listed as a historical culture monument.

After the incident, the relevant members issued a statement stressing that the red paint represented the blood of the victims of the regime that kept Taiwan under martial law for 38 years from 1949 to 1987. They called the CKS Memorial Hall “a ridiculous sanctuary still at the heart of power of the Republic of China.”


Dig In A Set Of Fresh Seafood and Beer For A Cheap Price At Seafood Beer Festival In Keelung

The Starlight Harbor Seafood Beer Festival will be held at the Baduozi Tourist Fishing Port in Keelung on the afternoon of August 31st. The fishery will launch a limited edition of 2,000 seafood combos of fresh mixes, each set of serving will only cost NT$200.

The Keelung Fisheries Association said that the seafood combo of fresh combination includes crispy golden crab, freshly boiled pork rolls, gold tempura and a 330ml bottle of beer where each set costs NT$200 each. 

There will be music performances and play areas on the spot and beer cup competitions. Sales of seafood sets begins at 16:30 on the 31st. Enjoy food and beer on a affordable price.

If going with children, there is a children's play area in the area, which provides large air cushion slides, children's remote control electric cars, small electric bumper cars, children's bicycles which are for rent.

Baduozi Tourist Fishing Port is located at No. 211, Beining Road, Zhongzheng District, Keelung City, 202 (Chinese address: 基隆市中正區北寧路211號202)

(Photos from LTN and Keelung Fishery Association)

Hello, Love, Goodbye Fever Left The Romantic Rooftop Being Vandalized In Hong Kong

The Hong Kong-set blockbuster movie starring Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards tends to touch everyone who watched it. The two has their romantic scene in the rooftop spot for a one memorable moment.

The rooftop location was one of 10 scouted by the film crew in Hong Kong, until one trending netizen posted that she found the spot.
Photo from Star Cinema
Movie goers, fans, filipino tourist are also on their way to find the spot but not everyone are disciplined enough to vanadalize the rooftop as photo showing the vandalism that is shared in social media.

According to the staffs of Star Cinema, they had erased the 'Joy is here' statement in the railings which make sense since it must be erased with respect to the environment of Hong Kong.

Everyone must encourage discipline to one another even if you are a migrant worker or tourist in Hong Kong. Vandalizing means not giving respect into the place and every Filipinos must practice seld discipline. 

Intercepted Undocumented OFWs Uses Taiwan As Entry Point To United Arab Emirates

Bureau of Immigration (BI) in the Philippines stopped a total of 16 “tourist” workers at Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) who attempted to leave the country with no proper and legal documents.

The group were intercepted (Aug 7) in NAIA Terminal 3 when they are about to board the Cebu Pacific flight where the first batch of 12 persons are bound to Taipei in Taiwan while other 4 are bond to Hong Kong.

“They all confessed during questioning that they are not tourists and that they were hired to work abroad by illegal recruiters,” Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente said. “These syndicates just won't stop," added Morente.

The agency revealed the 12 Taipei-bound and mostly women passengers admitted that their final destination is the United Arab Emirates where they were recruited to work by a travel agency based in Manila.

Taiwan is aware of the press released by the BI of Philippines and has no plans to adjust its visa-free treatment for Philippine nationals at present according to their Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).

The ministry is conducting an review of the effects of visa-free treatment for the Philippines (also include Thailand and Myanmar) based on the principal of reciprocity and types of offenses committed by citizens from the mentioned countries.

Philippine Tourism Produced P245 Billion In The First 6 Months of 2019

The Department of Tourism (DOT) said that the country's tourism industry produce PHP245 billion in receipts. The corresponding total receipts incresed by 17.57 percent from international visitors in the first six months of the year 2019, reported by Philippine News Agency.

The data from Statistics, Economic Analysis and Information Management Division (SEAMID) that the January is the highest monthly receipts with PHP42 billion and second highest is June that reached to PHP38 billion, which is 30.56 percent higher than the same month last year.

The DOT is keeping up with its target to attract high spending and longer staying tourists in the Philippines.

According to Tourism Secretary, the economic numbers are exciting but the real purpose of why the government is working hard to push these numbers up year after year is for the Filipino people. It is the number of lives changed for the better by tourism that would truly count.

The DOT disclosed that 4.1 million foreigners have visited the country from January to June this year, indicating an 11.43 percent increase.

Tropical Storm 'Bailu' Estimates To Directly Hit Taiwan By Saturday

According to the potential forecast map released by the Japan Meteorological Agency, the typhoon will directly hit Taiwan. Tropical Storm Bailu currently inside the Philippine Area of Responsibility which is called 'Ineng'.

Taiwan's Central Weather Bureau said that it is currently located in east southeast of the Hengchun Peninsula. The degree of it will directly on Taiwan depends on its strength while it is in the Pacific.
(Photo from PH's PAGASA)

If the pacific high pressure is weakened, the tropical storm will go northwest along the southwestern side of the Pacific Ocean to the north of the Ryukyu and Taiwan. However, if the Pacific high pressure remain strong, it will be pressed southward and remain to its current path.

The most time affecting Taiwan will be all day on Saturday (Aug 24). It is estimated that there will be rain in some areas of Taiwan by Friday night and there will be rain all over Taiwan on Saturday.  

As for when the typhoon warning is issued, the probability of a typhoon warning at sea is estimated to be high, but it is still necessary to see whether the path and the radius of the storm is expanding.

Heal And Relax Thru Nature In This Green Lake Scenic Area Of Taiwan

Yilan’s most secret scenic are called “Wanglongyu” or the Dragon Lake, covers a wide area and is convenient for visiting.  Roaming around can enjoy the healing of the mountains and rivers.  

The Wanglong Lake is green and looks like a matcha lake.  Travelers who visit the scenery can also take a good relaxation and tea in Huatian Village. Because of this beautiful lake and mountains, it became the shooting location of the well-known drama series in Taiwan.

It is a lake naturally formed in the foothills, the lake water which relate to the life of the local residents as they took the park for their ancient ancestors. 

Wanglongyu is beautifully landscaped, surrounded by mountains on three sides. It has a Chinese-style red nine-curve bridge and a red arch bridge across the lake. 

Yilan is one of the counties and cities that holiday travellers love to visit. Not only is the sightseeing factory rich, but also the nature's attractions. When you arrive, the first thing is to take a picture with the landmarks and the background is a jawdropping beautiful scenery.

Wang Long (望龍埤) is located at  No.18-6, Pocheng Road, Pillow Hill Village, Yuanshan Township, Yilan County (Chinese address: 宜蘭縣員山鄉枕山村坡城路18-6號) The scenic area is open 24/7.

Huawei Brings Innovative Technology To The Philippines; Aims To Build 5G Ecosystem

China-based Huawei Technologies which is known for its communication technology and smart devices is bringing its innovation expertise in the Philippines. It is sourced that the country will benefit from the application of digital transformation.

According to Daniel Guo, Vice president of Huawei Technologies Philippines, Huawei has its partnership with two telecommunications (PLDT and Globe) to rollout the 5G technology in the Philippines.

Huawei is also ready to partner with the upcoming 3rdTelco MISLATEL (DITO) in the Philippines which includes Chinese firm China Telecommunications Corp. With Huawei, Filipinos can experience low cost and high efficient network experience.

Initially, Huawei will focus its 5G rollout in National Capital Region since it has the infrastructure to host 5G network as it will become the backbone of the country’s new network. Philippines need to build backbone first, PLDT and Globe currently doesn’t have one, according to Guo.

5G is not just fast network but the application leads to digital transformation and will play a pivotal role in the digitization of different kinds of industries.

Choosing Huawei’s 5G includes early development, long-term and big investments to develop the 5G network. Huawei started its 5G research in 2009 when 4G is just start to deploy. 5G will lead the industries to automated, digital and AI driven development.

Taiwan FDA: Antiperspirant And Deodorants Are Best Applied Before Sleep

According to Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration, antiperspirant and deodorants are best applied before sleep to have long lasting effect. Antiperspirants works best on dry skin.

There is less movement during sleep and antiperspirant is most effective during those times compared when moving a lot and it stretches the effect until the next day, according to the agency.

Antiperspirants constrain sweating by blocking the ducts of sweat glands, these product consists of jelly-suspended aluminum sulfate. These products are considered as cosmetic products containing pharmaceuticals.

People who are recently shaved must not use antiperspirant as the content could enter the body and this should be applied only in small amounts in specific parts of the body.

Antiperspirants and deodorant have identical effects but have different types of chemical used, sweat glands can be found though out the body but the biggest can be found in the armpits.

Hiring 100 Pinoy Merchandisers For Homes R Us In United Arab Emirates

Established in 2003, as a one-stop store for stylish home concepts, Homes r Us is a complete lifestyle destination showcasing a wide range of home furniture, furnishings and accessories. 


Visual Merchadisers create imaginative, eye-catching displays of goods in retail stores. They aim to attract the attention of customers and encourage them to buy. 

Their tasks can include:

1. Researching lifestyle and design trends and making sure designs will appeal to the target audience

2. Working with other members of the design, marketing and buying team to develop themes and colour schemes for displays - for example Christmas, Valentine's day, sales and others

3. Sketching designs and developing floor plans, making the most of the space available

4. Taking direction from head office on corporate schemes when appropriate

5. Sourcing materials such as props and lighting, installing and dismantling displays

-Male or Female
-25 years old and above 
-At least 2yrs in college
-Must have a Furniture / Home Department experience for at least 1 year

Recruitment Agency:
Apply at ONTIME STAFFING SOLUTIONS, INC. located at Room 511, 5th Floor, Doña Felisa Syjuco Bldg. 1872 Remedios Cor Taft Avenue, Manila. POEA License:

4.1 Million International Tourist Recorded In Philippines For The First Half of 2019

Based on the Department of Tourism (DOT), the Philippines has a total of 4,133,050 international tourists visited for the first 6 months of 2019, reported by Philippine News Agency.

According to a Tourism Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat, they already reached the 4 million tourist visited within the first 6 months of the year. The Philippine tourism industry has indeed come a long way with better and increased connectivity. 

New, rehabilitated and expanded airports have contributed much to this growth.  She said “By expanding our portfolio of tourism products and by developing and promoting our lesser-known but emerging destinations, we have attracted a large yet diverse set of foreign travelers and have sustained our growth in the highly-competitive South East Asian region,”.

South Korea continues to be the top source market, with China coming in second. The United States ranks third, followed by Japan and then Taiwan, winding up the top 5 source of tourism markets.

The DOT also welcomed the US Homeland Security’s decision to delivered the public notice on travel to Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) following the security improvement, Philippines can expect more travelers from the US to visit the Philippines in the coming months.

Light Projected Sand Sculpture On Display In Bali District Of New Taipei

The Fulong International Sand Sculpture Exhibition will be finished (on August 25th). After that, it will be replaced by the exquisite version of the Bali City Sand Sculpture in Bali District of New Taipei City.

From now until October 13, 2019, it will be on the Bali Bridal Square. It can be visited during the the day, but also project sand sculptures with colorful lights at night.

Lights at night adds magical atmosphere to the sand sculpture, take some beautiful photo, you can also walk under the sea breeze and feel the summer time. The lights will open at 18:30 in the evening.

The city sand sculpture exhibition is located on the left bank of Bali. Visitors can enjoy the art of sand sculpture without going far away, and experience the fun of sand sculpture on the spot.

In addition, the sediments on the shores of Bali are relatively high in mud and relatively strong and durable, allowing sand sculpture artists to create more three-dimensional, vivid and diverse works.

The sand sculptures will be constructed with meteor lights, broken lights, modeling lights and floodlights. The bank of the Bali River was turned into a waterfront light gallery, and the couple walked hand in hand along the river bank making it more romantic.

2019 Bali San Sculture Art Installation already started last August 10, 2019 and will be up until October 13th. It is located at No. 36, Guanhai Avenue, Bali District, New Taipei City (Chinese address: 新北市八里區觀海大道36號) The venue is near the Bali Old Street.

How to go there?
From Taipei Main Station, ride MRT Red line and drop off at Guandu Station. From there, find and ride bus R22 going to Ximen Bus Stop, or you may hop on a taxi and show the address (新北市八里區觀海大道36號) taxi fare around NT150-200 from Guandu.


Hiring Filipino Flight Attendants Or Cabin Crew For Oman Air

Al Miladi Global Manpower Services in partner with Meja Mapower Services in the Philippines which hold the recruitment of flight attendants or cabin crew for OMAN AIR. Oman Air is the national airline of Oman which is based at Muscat International Airport in Seeb, Muscat.


1. Female applicants
2. Must be 21-31 years old
3. Must be a Filipino Citizen
4. At least completed 2 years in College
5. Excellent Communication Skills in English
6. No Tattoo & Can Swim
7. Must be Single
8. At least 5’3 in Height
9. Weight must be proportionate to Height
10. 20/20 Vision (for those w/ contact Lenses should not go beyond 20/30)
11. Cabin Crew License (Training) is advantage but not required
12. Good set of Teeth
13. Clear Complexion
14. Pleasing personality


1. Updated CV / Resume
2  Whole body picture (2) 4R (BLUE BACKGROUND)
3. 2x2 6pcs picture (Blue Background)
4. PSA Authenticated Birth Certificate
5. Passport Copy- colored (at least 12-month validity)
7. Last Employment Cert.(COE)

On your resume, the following must be stated:

1. BASIC INFORMATION: Height/Weight/Age, Blood Type/Civil Status

Position/Manner of a Leaving the Company, Last Immediate Superior and Contact No.

Level/School/Year Attended, Training attended, Training/Seminar Description, Date Held

Contact Number


Name/Contact Address/Contact Number, Name of Company/School/Organization, Position

List Organizations, Hobbies/Personal Interests/Including Socio-Civic/Activities

Recruitment agency:
Qualified applicants may visit MEJA INTERNATIONAL MANPOWER AGENCY at  Aurora Plaza Bldg.Plaza T-A J.Bocobo st.,corner Arquiza St.,Ermita Manila.

Applicants may send CV in Microsoft Word with recent Photo (passport size and full body blue background) at Put subject Name of applicant and position ex. MARIA DELA CRUZ /CABIN CREW.


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