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7 people dead in Tainan; suspect captured after intentionally setting fire in a apartment

In the early morning of the 14th of Dec in Tainan City's Yujing District, seven people were killed in a suspected arson on an apartment complex.

A 21-year-old man surnamed Tseng immediately ran when he saw the police surrendered and confessed by intentionally setting fire to the apartment. 

It is reported that he was suspected of having a good family background, but his character was quite no good and he had many disciplinary conflicts with his parents. He had committed a number of previous thefts and was a headache in the neighborhood.

Tainan City Fire Bureau received a call at 1:20am on the 14th where a fire broke out at the Sandao Lane. 27 fire trucks and 60 people were rescued immediately. 7 deaths and 2 injuries were reported.

39 of the 46 residents managed to escape and survive, the other seven who were trapped. The interior of the apartment was made of wood causing the fire to blaze.


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