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Fake NT$50 coins used in a claw machine shop's coin changer; suspect arrested in Tainan

The Tainan City Police Department announced (Dec 25) that some NT$50 counterfeit currency or fake currency coins have been used in a claw machine shop's coin changer.

Tainan police arrested a woman that used the fake currencies and investigations revealed that the coins were made and manufactured in China then brought the coins to Taiwan.

There were around 300 to 400 pieces NT$50 coins that were changed to NT$10 coins in a coin changer at at claw machine shop. The suspect will be sent for fraud and the use of counterfeit currency.

The police said that the real NT$50 coin has characters of "NT$50" embossed on the side of the coin. The quality of counterfeit coins is usually not detailed enough, and the sharpness of the patterns are poor.

A person who is found guilty of counterfeiting or altering currently used Taiwan currency may receive a minimum sentence of five-year imprisonment or a maximum sentence of death penalty.


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