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Labor officials urged employers to explain Taiwan laws to migrant workers

Labor officials are reminding employers of migrant workers to hold sessions to explain Taiwan's laws. There were certain laws that are legal in their country but not in Taiwan.

One example is the Animal Protection Act; in other countries of migrant workers eat dog meat, but Taiwan law forbids the killing of dogs and even cats according to the Ministry of Labor.

Those who break the law can face jail term of 2 years and a fine of up to NT$2 million. If the offender is a migrant worker, they'll never be
able to work in Taiwan again.

Additionally, MOL says pre-employment orientation seminars in their home country should include introductions of the Tobacco Hazards Prevention Act and rules regarding
infectious diseases.

Labor officials may slap a fine of up to NT$300,000 on employers who fail to explain relevant laws to migrant workers.


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