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Massive cold air mass to hit Taiwan, snow fall anticipated at Yushan and Hehuanshan

The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) of Taiwan said that on December 6th (Friday) there will be a new wave of extreme "cold air mass" going southward, which is more colder than the previous wave.

The city of Taipei will drop to 13 degrees while the open area north of Taiwan will go down to 11 to 12  degrees. It is expected that the coldest time will fall from the evening of December 7th to the early morning of the 8th (Saturday evening to Sunday morning).

In addition, the highest snowfall probability on the December 6th on 3,000 meters above sea level areas which are Yushan and Hehuanshan.

If the right amount of moisture and cold blends in, expect a snow fall. It is also expected that Yushan and Hehuanshan will reach 0 to negative in temperature.

CWB pointed out that Taiwan is being affected by the northeast monsoon brought by the cold and high pressure in the north. Apart from cold weather, CWB also warns for rainfall in Taiwan.


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