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More than 16,000 chickens culled and killed in Taiwan's Pingtung due to bird flu

A total of 16,310 chickens had been culled in Pingtung, Taiwan as they are infected with the highly pathogenic H5N5 avian influenza virus or bird flu virus.

The prevention staff went to the site to carry out chicken and spray disinfection on the area and took samples to be tested by the Animal Health Testing Institute of the Agricultural Committee.

The culling operation was started and the operators were supervised to complete the cleaning and disinfection of the site to reduce the risk of spread of the virus and to simultaneously start the monitoring and sampling of the surrounding poultry farms within a radius of 3 kilometers of the field to control the spread of the virus.

The chickens, around seven weeks of age, were culled on a farm in Yanpu Township. This is the sixth poultry farm in Pingtung to be infected with avian flu this year.

They advised farm workers to stay on high alert by restricting the movements of personnel and vehicles, while maintaining proper cleanliness on their farms through the winter season.


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