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Savour with a "Penis Waffle" or known as gayke in the night markets of Taiwan

Taiwan is a country whose reputation precedes itself and known for ita vibrant cuisine and its widespread night market.

Apparently some food stalls may give you laughs or chills when you see a piece of gayke, also know as the penis waffle cake. This food advertises that they're great for parties and as gifts to "scare" your friends.

Gayke are waffle cakes which are filled with cream or hotdogs with a shape of a penis. This waffle penis-shaped food can be found in night markets specifically Shilin Night Market and Ximending in Taipei.

Gayke coloured penis-shaped waffles, customers may choose size and fillings of the waffle. From penis shaped eclairs to phallic shaped hotdogs and sausage waffles are dripping with sauce.

Most of the other people would stop, look and take photos but do not buy. It was like easting that kind of shape in a public place, prepare for some stares and giggles from other people.


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