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New Youbike policy irked foreigners in Taiwan; now intended for Taiwanese only

Foreigners in Taiwan blasted the new policy of Youbike as non-Taiwanese will be unable to rent the bicycles by easycards, instead foreigners must use credit card with a instant NT$2,000 charge.

Some foreigners says that it constitutes to discrimination. The new policy took effect last December 1, 2019 that adds insurance plan to Youbike riders.

Taipei's transportation department announced it was changing the YouBike rental policy by requiring real-name registration along with users' national ID number, date of birth, and other personal data.

According to the query of foreign group in Taiwan that they confirmed with a telephone call - as of December 1st, foreigners are no longer able to register accounts with an EasyCard to use YouBikes, not even foreigners with Permanent Residency.

Only the ones with Taiwanese ID can now register to the Youbike rental. Many foreign workers in Taiwan use Youbike as form of their daily transportation.


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