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OFW favorite My Warm Day (MWD) listed one of top popular breakfast chains in Taiwan

Mei & Mei, My Warm Day (MWD), and Laya Burger are the top three popular breakfast chains in Taiwan in a survey data released by online big data explorer DailyView.

My Warm Day is famous for overseas Filipino Workers all around Taiwan with its complete package of breakfasts sets. MWD is a 30-year-old brunch chain known for giving East Asian breakfasts a Western twist.

Mei & Mei has its signature teppan fried noodles while Laya Burger is popular for its whole wheat egg rolls with pork floss and mashed taro.

Joining the list of popular breakfast chains in Taiwan includes A-Bao House, Hong Ya Hamburger, JSP and Morning Chicken Crowing.

DailyView is Taiwan-based website and was able to generate a list of netizens to make a data thru survey and using big data analytics of online discussions.


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