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Taiwan dive down to breezing 9°C as wave of continental cold air gains strength

The new wave of cold air mass gain strength in Taiwan as this morning (of Dec 7th) 9 degrees celcius have been recorded in Hsinchu's Baoshan and 11.3 degrees in Xinbei.

The rainshower in Taiwan makes it more colder and expect to have a wet and cold weather in the country.

According to the forecast of Central Weather Bureau, brief rain will be at norther and eastern Taiwan with low temperature of 12-15 degrees with open areas reaching 10-11 degrees.

Since the cold air mass gains strenth, it will be more colder tonight (Dec 7th) until tomorrow morning (Dec 8th). The agency advised on proper heating and do not expose too much outside.

The continental cold air mass will bring cold weather even it will be 'sunny' during the day. The cold air will weaken by Monday or Tuesday next week.


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