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Taiwan hits more than 100,000 patients that seeks medical attention due to flu

Taiwan's flu season has officially crossed the epidemic threshold now more than 100,000 patients seeking medical attention for flu-like symptoms according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), reported by CNA.

A total of 100,442 people sought treatment for flu-like symptoms at hospitals and clinics in Taiwan in just a week (Dec. 15-21) per data of CDC.

It is an increase of 7.6 percent while emergency-room visits for flu-like illnesses accounted for 11.8 percent in which 55 patients developed serious complications from flu infections (Type A H1N1 virus).

The CDC estimates that flu season will reach its peak before the Lunar New Year break from Jan. 23-29 in 2020.

2.85 million doses of government-funded flu vaccine have been used in Taiwan as of Dec 22, 2019. The CDC previously said a total of 5.98 million government-funded free flu shots would be available.


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