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Taiwan reached 11°C, Yushan and Hehuanshan predicts for snowfall on Friday morning

The first wave of air cold mass already reaches Taiwan and bring a cold temperature according to the Weather Central Bureau (CWB).

Northern Taiwan and Yilan and norther part of Miaoli will experience 12 to 13 degrees celcius of temperature and 11 degrees in open and coastal areas.

Daytime temperature still around 16-20 degrees on daytime. Brief rains will be experienced in the northern and eastern half, and the central and southern regions remain cloudy.

CWB predicted that if the temperature and water and cold air mass is consistent, high mountains that reaches above 3,000 meters, such as Yushan and Hehuan Mountain, are expected to encounter the first snowfall this winter.

Meanwhile, next wave of cold air is expected to be around by Saturday, the current forecast is still in the northeast monsoon level.


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