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Unmarried couples can be jailed by having sex in this beautiful island

Any unmarried persons which including tourists and locals could be jailed for six months to a year for having sex in Bali. Unmarried tourists won’t even be permitted to get a hotel room unless they have a marriage certificate to attest their relationship.

Indonesian parliament and its legislative body are pondering criminal code that will put any unmarried couples to jail by having sex.

If no documentation presented, no hotels will entertain any unmarried tourist as it falls foul and could lead to annoyance on local police.

Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country and that kind of law will discriminate against their LGBTQi community as Indonesia does not recognize same-sex unions.

Though local government of Bali (not all of Indonesia) had issued a statement reminding tourists that the laws are not yet in place. This criminal code would take down the tourism capacity of Bali and has been a travel advisories to all tourist going to Bali.

The local government asks tourists to “stay calm and continue with their activities”. Indonesian president Joko Widodo asked lawmakers to defer the vote till the laws have been thoroughly debated.


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