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Weather Bureau: The coldest wave of winter has passed and it won't be too cold until January

Although Taiwan still affected by the cold air mass and the country may still experience low temperature specially at night time with brief rain showers, the coldest temperature had passed according to the weather bureau.

However, the report of Central Weather Bureau (CWB) states that there will be no more chances of too cold temperature as the coldest time for December had passed.

The first week of December experienced strong cold air mass as Taipei hit the lowest temperature of 11.6 degrees. As CWB broadcaster says "The coldest wave of this winter have passed."

CWB simulate the cold air mass for the coming months and sa that there is no obvious cold air mass could be seen at the end of the year or even in January.

Therefore, people living and working and Taiwan have already passed the coldest wave of this year, but he still stated the need to keep track of monsoon changes.


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