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20 coronavirus patients discharged at the same time in Wuhan as total of 72 patients now cured

China has shown off its efforts in dealing with the coronavirus outbreak with 20 novel coronavirus patients were discharged from Jinyintan Hospital in Wuhan, the highest number of recovered patients at one time.

All the patients released were aged between 15 and 67, they were allowed to go after passing various medical tests, according to Hubei Radio and TV Station.

Former sufferers cheered and flashed V-signs (peace sign) in state-media footage.

Altogether 72 patients have so far been discharged from hospital making it the highest number of treated and discharged cases in Wuhan since the outbreak of the novel virus.


Taiwan to add 60 production lines to make 10million surgical masks a day to meet demads

The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) of Taiwan approved a plan to build 60 lines to produce 6 million surgical masks a day to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), CNA reported.

The approval of the plan is to meet surging demand as people as surgical masks in the country always gone out of stock in supermarkets and convenience stores.

The new lines to be built will cost NT$200 million and could ramped up to a capacity of 3 million masks a day in three weeks and to 6 million masks a day in four to five weeks, according to the report.

Currently Taiwan's capacity is at 4 million masks per day but due to surging demands and the addition of 60 lines, the country will have 10million surgical masks production per day.

People in Taiwan have increasingly sought to get their hands on surgical masks due to the coronavirus outbreak in China, Taiwan has listed 10 confirmed cases. (Photo CNA)


Light snow falls encountered in low lying area in Ganguo Village of Nantou at 2.3°C

The cold current continues to flourish and Hehuanshan Mountain and Yushan National Park still at snow world that attracts many snow chasers.

However, snowfall below the mountains of Taiwan is not unusual. At the lowest temperature since the beginning of winter, the country's Gangou Village in Guaoxing Township in Nantou which is only 380 meters above sea level has encountered light snow fall.

Strange sight that the car's windshield, roof and roofs of houses are frozen. Owner took photos at 7am found that the temperature was only 2 degrees.

When the owner looked at the thermometer, it was only 2.3 degrees.

The windshield and the roof of the car were actually frozen, and when they looked aside, the ice on the roof of the next house also surprised them.

According to them, this is the first time they experience snow outside of the snow mountain in Nantou.

They said that because the windshield was full of ice, so she had to apply hot water to the rag and remove the frost from the glass before driving to work.


Pinoy Taiwan Jobs: Chan Cheng Pasture now hiring cattle farmer

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- Treats minor injuries or illness as they occur
- Trims hoovas
- Gives vaccinations and other injections
- Assists with calving
- Maintain Comprehensive health and production records

About Chan Cheng pasture:
Under the influence of maritime climate, the subtropical island of Taiwan features high temperatures and humidities.

Despite adverse environmental factors, domestic animals including livestock and poultry grow well. 

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Pinoy Taiwan Jobs: Darwin Precisions now hiring 200 Male and Female factory workers

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With a global dispatch strategy, the company manufactures professional backlight modules for LCD TVs, personal monitors, notebook computers, and automotive displays.

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Taiwan lists the 10th positive patient of coronavirus which is the husband of the 9th patient

The 10th patient is the husband of the 9th patient which originally has the symptoms of the new type coronavirus, putting the husband on the list of patients who are infected according to Central Epidemic Command Center.

After detecting viral gene fragments in his respiratory tract, she has been pushed back as confirmed case.

The 10th patient who returned from the Chinese city of Wuhan Jan. 12 and developed respiratory symptoms on Jan. 22 that were not immediately identified as 2019-nCoV by the doctor after seeking treatment, as reported by CNA.

Additionally, the two patients have contact with 12 persons who now currently isolated until Feb 7 which are under monitoring. (Photo CNA)


LOOK: Wuhan news presenters and broadcaster wear face masks live on air

Broacast journalists and news presenters in Wuhan and other areas in Hubei, China are wearing masks during their broadcast in studio or on location.

Images have gone viral on Weibo of news presenters in Wuhan wearing face masks while on camera while giving updates about the deadly virus outbreak.

It will help others to convince on wearing face mask as Chinese netizens have applauded the reporters and anchors for using one while on air.

Accoding to the news presenters, they said that they are trying to demonstrate the correct way to wear basic protection.


Taiwan Railways to enforce rule to passengers to wear face masks when riding train

Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) management team said that they are considering upgrading preventive measures for safety and enforce all passengers to wear masks on the trains.

TRA will continue to coordinate with the Taiwan government to implement this rule countrywide to prevent the virus spread, Taiwan News reported.

Additionally, TRA are now providing hand sanitizers and thermometers in all train station in Taiwan.

In concern with public health, passengers will be required to wear masks when boarding trains if the epidemic worsens and that those who fail to comply with the regulation will be refused to board the train in separate report by UDN.

Trains are being cleaned and sanitized daily and that temperatures inside the compartments have been adjusted, according to TRA.


Taiwan government lower the fixed price of the face masks to NT$6 per piece

All face masks in Taiwan will be sold at NT$6 per piece to assist all living in the country against spread of the virus announced by Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA).

MOEA and the Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOHW) have released millions of face masks through all Taiwan's convenience store chains, Taiwan News reported.

MOEA said that it would lower the fixed price of the masks to NT$6 starting Feb 1 until the epidemic passes.

Taiwan Centers for Disease Control (CDC) announced that six million face masks would be distributed following President Tsai Ing-wen's promise to produce 4.2 million surgical masks per day.

The president warns that individuals or groups that hoard or sell surgical masks at unfair prices will be targeted.


LOOK: Chinese people in Manila giving free surgical masks to Filipinos amid virus outbreak

Chinese men giving away free mask to Filipinos since it is now hard to find face masks at stores amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Philippines lists its first coronavirus patient and most Filipinos are in panic mode buying of face masks, most stores posts face masks as "out of stock."

Check this post by Lily Tiu Go:

Apparently, Filipinos are somehow judgemental towards Chinese due to the ground zero of the virus came from Wuhan from the province of Hubei in China.

President Tsai ordered to ramped up production of masks to release 4.2million pieces per day

Taiwan Pesident Tsai Ing-wen estimates 4.2-million surgical masks per day will be released to the public in order to meet nationwide demand due to the current coronavirus outbreak worldwide, Taiwan News reported.

Tsai said relevant government agencies will purchase the masks and distribute them at a set price and officials will also be monitoring surgical mask production and storage levels.

Convenience stores are currently selling a maximum of three surgical masks per person at the price of NT$8 (US$0.26) a piece. The president also warns that individuals or groups that hoard or sell surgical masks at unfair prices will be targeted.

According to the epidemic response command center 1.4-million of the masks set for release from today will be given to civil servants and medical personnel.

Relevant government departments would procure the masks and distribute them at a set price while keeping a close eye on production and storage levels.


Daxi in Taoyuan hits 3.5°C and Chiayi City at 4.4°C as cold spell continues to hit Taiwan

The first wave of cold current hits Taiwan, the Central Weather Bureau observed that there is a clear cold cell cloud system near Taiwan with radiation cooling effect during evening until early morning.

Today (Jan 31), Daxi in Taoyuan reached a new low in temperature at 3.5 degrees while 4.4 degrees is recorded at Chiayi City and 5 degrees in Yunlin, according to CWB.

According to the observation CWB, Daxi fell 3.5 degrees in a span of 7 hours from 11 degrees yesterday, CWB said that radiant cooling is powerful.

More parts around Taiwan experiencing temperature below 6 degrees, daytime temperature is still cold. Coastal areas and mountainous places may even experience less than 5 degrees.

Snow is also expected on Taiwan mountains with 3000 above sea level as Yushan and Hehuanshan now have negative temperature all day.


Temp plunge to less than 6°C as 12 counties and cities in Taiwan under very cold warning alert

According to Central Weather Bureau, 12 cities and counties of Taiwan may reach below 6 degrees due to the continuous impact of the cold current that will affect until Feb 1.

The next significant change of temperature in time will be on the next Tuesday (2/4), when it will be affected by the northeast monsoon, and it will rain at the same time.

CWB forecaster said that due to the effects of cold currents and radiative cooling, it is expected that the low temperature will be colder early morning.

Orange light warning (very cold):
Taipei City, New Taipei City, Taoyuan City, Hsinchu County, Miaoli County, Taichung City, Changhua County, Nantou County, Yunlin County, Chiayi City, Chiayi County, and Hualien County have the possibility of temperature below 6 degrees

Yellow light warning (cold):
Keelung City, Hsinchu City, Tainan City, Kaohsiung City, Pingtung County, Yilan County, Taitung County, and Kinmen County have a chance of temperature below 10 degrees


Hehuanshan and Yushan to reach -13°C by midnight as cold spell in Taiwan intensifies

Hehuanshan or popularly known as the snow mountain to reach -13 degrees of temperature by midnight, also includes Taiwan's highest peak Mt. Yushan as snow continues to form, data from

Snow continues to fall in mountainous areas of Taiwan as the first cold surge of the year hit the country along with abundant moisture, accordimg to Central Weather Bureau.

Apart from Hehunshan and Yushan, Xueshan and Taitung mountains also encountering snow falls due to the cold weather.l and moisture.

CWB already issues orange warning and yellow alert on 19 cities and counties of Taiwan and the cold temperature will last until Feb 1.


Employers are mandatory to give masks to migrant caretakers in Taiwan

Employers are mandatory to provide surgical masks to migrant workers who works as caregivers Taiwan according to Ministry of Labor, Taiwan News reported.

Caretakers or caregivers visits to hospitals or other medical institutions must be given surgical masks by employers.

Employers who decline will be subject to a fine of between NT$60,000 (US$1,981) and NT$300,000, risk annulment of their recruitment permits, and face a two-year ban on applying for permits to hire foreign workers.

Employers should ensure the safety and health of their foreign employees by providing masks to those working as carers said MOL as accordance to the Employment Service Act.

It also responsibility of employer toe educate their laborers regarding the ongoing epidemic crisis of coronavirus. For further information, anyone can call the 1955 labor hotline or 1922 disease prevention hotline.


Breaking News: Taiwan confirmed its 9th positive coronavirus patient

Health and Welfare Minister Chen Shih-chung announced that a Taiwanese man who works in Wuhan has been diagnosed 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

The man arrived on Taiwan last Jan 27 and admitted to hospital the next day and diagnosis was confirmed today Jan 30.

The man worked in Wuhan and appeared on January 12 with symptoms of cough and runny nose as ita family members are alao under monitor.

At present, the cases are in stable condition. Hospitals and local health units have followed the relevant disposal procedures to carry out epidemic investigations and contact tracing.


Philippines lists 1st coronavirus patient and 29 under investigation for 'suspected case'

Philippines confirmed its first case of novel coronavirus which is 38-year-old Chinese woman from Wuhan announced by Department of Health Secretary Francisco Duque III in a press conference.

"I assure the public that the DOH is on top of this evolving situation. We were able to detect the first confirmed case because of our strong surveillance system, close coordination with the World Health Organization and other national agencies," Duque said.

"We are working closely with the hospital where the patient is admitted and have activated the incident command system of the said hospital for appropriate management specifically on infection control, case management and containment," he added.

There are currently 29 more persons under investigation for possible nCoV infection nationwide.

DOH is in close coordination with the Interagency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases and would convene to discuss the first confirmed case at the 29 with suspected case.


Philippines confirmed its first case of coronavirus from a Chinese tourists from Wuhan

The Philippines on Thursday (Jan 31) confirmed its first case of novel coronavirus, announced by Department of Health Secretary Francisco Duque III in a press conference.

The patient is a 38-year-old Chinese woman from Wuhan, China that arrived in the Philippines from Hongkong last January 21st.

The woman sought consultation and admitted on January 25 after experiencing cough as she is currently asymptomatic, which means she had no fever and no other symptoms of illness.

"Stay calm and vigilant at all times... Adopt a healthy lifestyle," advised by Duque.

The virus has also spread outside of China, with cases being reported in countries including Taiwan, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Sri Lanka and Australia.


Pharma store in Nantou selling overpriced mask, can be penalized up to NT$2million

There have been 8 confirmed cases of pneumonia virus from Wuhan in Taiwan and people are buying masks as many as they can, but some business operators sell masks on a higher price tag.

The Nantou County Health Bureau Pharmaceutical Affairs and Drug Control Department said that the store has been taken down due to selling of overpriced masks.

If the allegations are  true, it will be fined from NT$30,000 to up to NT$2 million according to the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, ETtoday reported.

The complainant from Puli, Nantou said thas masks are "active carbon medical grade mask" on the price list, but it is actually just a ordinary face mask in which 1 box (50 pieces) is priced at NT$500.

With the same box, online prices are only in between NT$80 to NT$140 per box.

The masks sold by this pharmacy are obviously not medical grade, and the store also admits that the labels on the outside of the packaging are not comprehensive and have been removed.

Stores insists on selling products that do not comply with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, can be penalized NT$30,000 to up to NT$2 million, false advertising is also punishable by law in Taiwan.


Taiwan's Jiaming Lake is beautiful on white and silver as snow continues to fall in Taitung mountains

Jiaming Lake, known as "Angel's Tears," becoame a white-silver in color with snow continues to fall in the area, confirmed by the Taitung Forest Management Office. Jiaming lake is located at Haiduan Township in Taitung County.

The Taitung Forest Management Office stated that from the Xiangyang Mountain House to the Jiaming Lake, it was covered by snow.  Jiaming Lake was covered with white snow and the beautiful scenery was a topic of Taiwan netizens.

The Taitung Forest Management Office stated that the Jiaming Lake National Trail has been snowing for 2 consecutive days since the early morning of the 28th. From the Xiangyang Mountain House at an altitude of 2880 meters to the Jiaming Lake at an altitude of 3340 meters, it is covered by snow. 

The first cold wave hit in 2 years, and there was snow in the mountains above 3,000 meters, Central Weather Bureau (CWB) reported.

The Forest Management Department called for the temperature to continue to be low, and the rock formations on the Jiaming Lake National Step Road are extremely susceptible to freezing and slipping.


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TAIWAN FU HSING INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. is a Taiwan-based company mainly engaged in the manufacture and distribution of door related metal products.

The Company's products consist of commercial door locks, residential door locks, electronic door locks, lock cases, door closers, handle sets, floor springs and other accessories.

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19 cities and counties in Taiwan under cold spell, temperature can reach as low as 6°C

Cold air mass blowing in the direction of Taiwan and the temperature is rapidly cold as temperature ca go as low as 6 degrees according to the live forecast of Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

This cold current will affect Taiwan in the next  3 days with general temperature reaching 9-10 degrees.

CWB pointed out that the cold current will continue to affect until the 30th of Jan to February 1st, and the strongest will be on the 31st of Jan where weather will be coldest.

Low temperature special orange lights have been issued for 7 counties and cities north of Miaoli to Keelung. Except for Taitung, other regions in Taiwan and 12 counties and cities in Kinmen have yellow light warnings.

According to CWB, the cold current will weakened from February 2 to 3 (Sunday to Monday), but it was still affected by radiative cooling.

The temperature was still low in the morning and evening, and the temperature gradually increased during the day. 


Avoid shaking hands and beso-beso amid coronavirus outbreak - DOH advised

Philippines' Department of Health advised to people that they must refrain from shaking hands and cheek kissing or beso-beso to prevent spread of any viruses.

“Avoid shaking of hands this time. Sometimes, at the most, siguro (you can do a) fist bump. Avoid beso-beso. Please, tigilan na muna. Or gusto nyo, finger to finger na lang para talaga least contact point. Or, that’s the best, (just say) ‘hello’,” said Health Secretary Francisco Duque in a press conference in Monday.

Duque said when coughing or sneezing, people should cover their mouths, while those who are sick should stay at home.

“Wash your hands properly, which means (wash) the palm of the hands, the back of the hands, and the digits,” he added.

The secretary also advised avoid eating uncooked foods as coronaviruses that result in severe illnesses came from animals.

“Make sure that the preparation is adequate. It should not be half-cooked or have meat that is pinkish,” he said.

Good News: 5 coronavirus patient healed in Wuhan, including a 87-year-old grandma

The pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan has been on a outbreak, there are still good news which see 5 patients infected with the virus are cured including a 87-year-old grandmother, according to a Weibo report.

The condition of those patients are critical with fever reaching 38 degrees but fortunately their condition improved through medical treatment. The 5 healed are already discharged from the hospital.

According to the People's Daily Weibo, the grandmother has more diseases than pneumonia, she had acute myocardial infarction in December last year and is in critical condition.  The elderly woman was admitted to the hospital on January 20, and after several days of treatment she is cured.

In the picture published in Weibo, the grandmother was sitting in a wheelchair, covered with red clothing, and left the hospital accompanied by the doctor.

Meanwhile, number of suspected case in China still on the rise as several provinces on lockdown to prevent spreading the virus.


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