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19 cities and counties in Taiwan under cold spell, temperature can reach as low as 6°C

Cold air mass blowing in the direction of Taiwan and the temperature is rapidly cold as temperature ca go as low as 6 degrees according to the live forecast of Central Weather Bureau (CWB).

This cold current will affect Taiwan in the next  3 days with general temperature reaching 9-10 degrees.

CWB pointed out that the cold current will continue to affect until the 30th of Jan to February 1st, and the strongest will be on the 31st of Jan where weather will be coldest.

Low temperature special orange lights have been issued for 7 counties and cities north of Miaoli to Keelung. Except for Taitung, other regions in Taiwan and 12 counties and cities in Kinmen have yellow light warnings.

According to CWB, the cold current will weakened from February 2 to 3 (Sunday to Monday), but it was still affected by radiative cooling.

The temperature was still low in the morning and evening, and the temperature gradually increased during the day. 


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