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5 million people left Wuhan before Lunar New Year and 7,515 of those went to Taiwan

There are 5million people who fled away from Wuhan, the ground zero of the new type coronavirus before the Lunar New Year holiday and 7,515 headed to Taiwan, reported by Taiwan News.

The people that left Wuhan see more concern about the wider spread of the virus as the figures were announced by Wuhan Mayor. 

Using Baidu maps and big data analysis, the site determined that from Dec. 30 to Jan. 22, 7,515 passengers went to Taiwan. The breakdown are 3,696 to Taoyuan, 2,698 to Kaohsiung and 1,121 to Songshan Airport in Taipei.

Wuhan people landed in Thailand 20,558, Singapore 10,680, and Japan 9,080 passengers while Hong Kong and Macao received 7,078 and 6,145 people.


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