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Avoid pneumonia virus by washing hands and do not go to China as health experts advised

The source of pneumonia infection in Wuhan is still unknown, health experts advise that anyone should temporarily avoid going to China specifically in Wuhan, CNA reported.

Wear general surgical masks in crowded places and wash your hands frequently with soap. Do not touch your face, nose and do not rub your eyes before washing to avoid contact with the infection, health experts advised. Additionally, do not touch wild animals and birds.

The epidemic may already have concerns about community infection and expansion, and the threat to Taiwan is gradually increasing.

Health experts said that the current transmission of the new coronavirus in is still unclear. Surgical mask are better to wear, though washing the hands overtime is still the best prevention.

According to research, surgical masks are quite effective in preventing influenza viruses, it is also necessary to prepare some N95 masks. Health experts that there is no need to panic.


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