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Avoid shaking hands and beso-beso amid coronavirus outbreak - DOH advised

Philippines' Department of Health advised to people that they must refrain from shaking hands and cheek kissing or beso-beso to prevent spread of any viruses.

“Avoid shaking of hands this time. Sometimes, at the most, siguro (you can do a) fist bump. Avoid beso-beso. Please, tigilan na muna. Or gusto nyo, finger to finger na lang para talaga least contact point. Or, that’s the best, (just say) ‘hello’,” said Health Secretary Francisco Duque in a press conference in Monday.

Duque said when coughing or sneezing, people should cover their mouths, while those who are sick should stay at home.

“Wash your hands properly, which means (wash) the palm of the hands, the back of the hands, and the digits,” he added.

The secretary also advised avoid eating uncooked foods as coronaviruses that result in severe illnesses came from animals.

“Make sure that the preparation is adequate. It should not be half-cooked or have meat that is pinkish,” he said.

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