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Best prevention to coronavirus is hand washing according to Filipino health agency

Coronavirus is rapidly spreading but it still has a prevention, regular handwashing can prevent the spread of nCov, according to a advisory of PH's Department of Health (DOH).

"Iwasan and kontak sa mga hayop, umiwas sa mga may ubo at sipon at takpan ang bibig at ilong kapag umuubo at bumabahing (Avoid contact with animals, avoid those who have cough and colds and to always cover one's mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing)," the asvisory added.

The DOH stressed the importance of drinking lots of water, proper cooking of food and acoid raw meats, and consultation with a health facility if symptoms of cough and colds persist.

The outbreak of the virus in China, DOH undersecretary Eric Domingo advised the public to temporarily suspend their travel to China, specially in the affected provinces.

“It might be prudent to delay the flight until the disease is completely understood and it is more contained,” he said.


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