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Capture the charm of cherry blossoms in Taipei's Yangmingshan Pingjing street

Taipei visitors and residents can enjoy cherry blossom viewing at Taipei's Yangmingshan at Pingjing Street of Shilin District. The cherry blossom is expected to reach its peak in the next 2 weeks.

The season of blooming cherry blossoms has kicked-off with the beautiful flowers blooming at Pingjing Street. There were at least 70% of cherry blossoms around the area.

The majority of cherry blossoms along the street belong to the species Cerasus Kanazawa and Cerasus serrulata which were blooming much earlier than other types.

How to get there?

By public transportation, take Bus 303 or S19 from Taipei MRT Red line Jiantan Station and alight at Lun Zai Wei stop. The exact location is Pingjing St., Lane 42, Shilin  District, Taipei.


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