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China Airlines flight in Taiwan have suspected virus carriers, 14 day isolation for everyone aboard

A China Airlines flight flew from Taoyuan to Shanghai on the Jan 26th, however, there are two passengers on board experiencing high fever that lead to fears of coronavirus.

China Airlines CI503 flight took off from Taoyuan to Shanghai, China. Unexpectedly, two passengers from the a tour group on the flight have fever. The flight was unable to return to Taiwan as soon as possible, CNA reported.

China Airlines confirmed on the evening of the 26th that there was a fever on the CI503 flight. Two of the passenger have high fever and were taken from the airport by ambulance.

After all passengers disembarked, the entire aircraft was immediately disinfected resulting to a flight delay. All passengers and crew members must be isolated following the outbreak for 14 days.

China Airlines emphasizes that in response to the pneumonia epidemic in Wuhan, Hong Kong or China flights arrive in Taiwan are disinfected by using alcohol to wipe the contacted parts of tables, armrests, and overhead luggage compartments to implement cabin disinfection operations.


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