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Coronavirus death toll spikes to 81 in China with almost 2,800 confirmed cases

China's coronavirus outbreak has now killed 81 people with almost 2,800 that are confirmed with  positive cases of the virus with 15 cities have been placed under full or partial lockdown, CNN reported.

China announced the Lunar New Year public holiday would be extended as medical workers, the government and the military desperately try to stop the outbreak.

Concerns about the coronavirus grew as scientists reacted to claims that the virus could spread before someone realised they were ill and the predicted number of cases soared.

Wuhan has been effectively quarantined, with all routes in and out of the city are closed. The Chinese government announced it is sending an additional 1,200 health workers to help out.

Outside China, confirmed cases are also recorded on countries that includes US, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Australia, Japan and others.


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