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Daxi in Taoyuan hits 3.5°C and Chiayi City at 4.4°C as cold spell continues to hit Taiwan

The first wave of cold current hits Taiwan, the Central Weather Bureau observed that there is a clear cold cell cloud system near Taiwan with radiation cooling effect during evening until early morning.

Today (Jan 31), Daxi in Taoyuan reached a new low in temperature at 3.5 degrees while 4.4 degrees is recorded at Chiayi City and 5 degrees in Yunlin, according to CWB.

According to the observation CWB, Daxi fell 3.5 degrees in a span of 7 hours from 11 degrees yesterday, CWB said that radiant cooling is powerful.

More parts around Taiwan experiencing temperature below 6 degrees, daytime temperature is still cold. Coastal areas and mountainous places may even experience less than 5 degrees.

Snow is also expected on Taiwan mountains with 3000 above sea level as Yushan and Hehuanshan now have negative temperature all day.


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