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Enjoy the magnificent architecture of Tainan's Madou Daitan Temple, one of the biggest temple in Taiwan

Madou Daitan Temple in Tainan was built on top of a so-called energy source according to its local residents in the area. The temple is one of the biggest in Taiwan.

There is a 38-meter-high dragon’s sculpture which is 76 meters long, 7 meters high, and it was built in 1979. 

Visitors can walk into the dragon’s mouth through the tunnel, where they will have a glimpse of Taoist heaven and Taoist hell enacted by animatronics or robotics display.

After walking through and seeing all the levels of Taoist, you will surely behave for the rest of your life according to some visitors. If you are not as brave as you think you are, you’d better stay outside and enjoy the magnificent architecture instead.

The temple worships Li, Chi, Wu, Chu and Fan Chien Suis; thus, it is also called Wu Wang Temple (Five Gods' Temple). The temple was built in the 17th century, when a temple ship floated to the shore and local people built a temple called Baoning Temple.

Madou Daitian Temple has delicate sculptures and paintings, its ridge of the roof is of Quanzhou style and the roof is covered with colorful glazed tiles.

How to get there?

Take train to Xinying Train Station and transfer Xingnan Bus (bound for Jiali) to Wuwang Temple stop or hail a taxi just show the picture as the drivers knew the temple. Madou Daitan Temple is located at No.60, Guandi Temple, Madou Dist., Tainan City 721.


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