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Fast food chains KFC and Mcdonalds in Taiwan hike prices of their menu

Fast food chains KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) and Mcdonalds in Taiwan are raising the prices of some of iltheir products to reflect growing costs of labor and products usage.

KFC prices rise by 3.4 percent on average while Mcdonalds will have a rise of 1.1 percent on its menus.

According to KFC, the price of egg tarts will increase by NT$3 (US$0.1), NT$3 for each piece of fried chicken, NT$6 for all items on the breakfast menu, NT$4 for each XL Combo set, and NT$10 for any Individual Combo, except for the NT$99 Individual Combo.

The policy reflects the rising cost of operations, according to the companies. It added some of its well-received meal sets and foods are not included on the price hike list.

KFC already strated ita pricimg increase (Jan 10. After reviewing its pricing structure, Mcdonalds will have ita pricing hike on its menu starting Jan 15.


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